Thoughts from our Founder, Mrs Ng Gim Choo's on the inspiration behind EtonHouse.

In 1982, my husband Hark Seng received an amazing opportunity to work in the UK so I resigned from my job as an accountant and traveled with him and my children to the UK.

The first six months were exciting for us as a family, most importantly as a mother, my priority was to select a school for my four-year-old daughter. After much consideration, we enrolled E-Ching into a Pre-School.

Every morning I saw my daughter wake up eager to go to school. On Saturday mornings, she would put on her school uniform and dash to my bedside, "Mummy, wake up! I want to go to school!". She used to be disappointed when there were no school activities on weekends. Her engagement with the school was very different from her experience in Singapore where she seldom wanted to go to school.

E-Ching, Mrs Ng's eldest daughter would eagerly put on her school uniform to attend her school every day. Her experience in school was the inspiration behind setting up the first EtonHouse campus in Singapore.

As a parent volunteer, I was surprised to see that the children learned through play. They had different corners for different activities and the teachers were respectful to children. It was a warm and happy atmosphere for my child when she learned while having fun.

I realised that learning should be joyful, only then can it be truly meaningful. I believe in guiding young people to discover their own thinking and talents. Most importantly, I want school to be enjoyable for all children.

All these ideas about education stayed with me long after we returned to Singapore. They were the inspiration behind the first EtonHouse campus. In 1995, we set up our first pre-school on Broadrick Road in Singapore. Today it is a bustling IB school, much loved by its community. EtonHouse has also grown a  lot in the last 25 years. We are in 12 countries with over 120 campuses worldwide. I am humbled by the support EtonHouse has received over the years from our students, parents, staff, and partners.   

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"Give a child a book and he or she will never feel alone", Mrs Ng believes in nurturing a love for learning through books instead of lessons and worksheets, Seen here enjoying a book with EtonHouse students.

Principal, China (WuZhong)