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Penny Lee

Parent of Anise & Alessi Lee

EtonHouse International School Sentosa

EtonHouse Sentosa is like a bright light radiating warmth and energy, from a tiny island south of Singapore. For us, all roads lead there; it’s a very important part of our family and community of friends.

Our youngest started out not wanting to enter the classroom and refusing to let go of Mummy. Now, he walks around the school as if it is his home and he proudly co-narrated the recent Christmas play in front of all his friends and their parents.

Our eldest had a paralysing fear of heights, but through the Action Adventure programme and with the steady support of her amazing teachers, she managed to proceed higher on the ropes course and now she loves the MegaZip line on Sentosa.

What a change in both of our children; and it’s all thanks to the warm and energetic environment created by all the staff, both teaching and administrative, at EtonHouse Sentosa. Congratulations EtonHouse on your 25th Anniversary!



On our 25th anniversary,
cherished members of our global community share their heartfelt wishes
and aspirations for EtonHouse. Read their wishes here.

Professor Alex Sia

 Chief Executive Officer

KK Women's and Children's Hospital 

On behalf of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), we extend our heartfelt congratulations to EtonHouse on her 25th Anniversary. This is indeed a significant milestone as it attests to EtonHouse's commitment to shaping future generations through education and helping each child to realise his or her full potential. ​

We are impressed by EtonHouse's collaborative spirit and compassion; the recent partnership between the EtonHouse Community Fund and KKH has been an inspiration in our pursuit of a better and healthier tomorrow for every patient. We are deeply appreciative of EtonHouse for so generously supporting the hospital's journey in providing holistic care for our paediatric and adolescent patients.

We wish EtonHouse many more successful years of investing in and moulding the generations of children to come through education. Happy 25th Anniversary!

Professor Alex Sia, CEO of KK Women's an


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Susan Whitaker

Former Academic Head

EtonHouse Education Centre

What a wonderful achievement!


The courage and foresight of Mrs Ng Gim Choo in establishing a new direction for early year’s learning and teaching 25 years ago in Singapore, China and the region is to be admired. I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to contribute to that success – especially through the EtonHouse Education Centre (EEC) where I worked with so many dedicated, creative and hardworking students and lecturers – many of whom have gone on to make significant contributions to EtonHouse.


Congratulations – I’m looking forward to the next 25 years of the EtonHouse brand providing quality education for children of Singapore and the broader region


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Alice Qu

Principal, China (WuZhong)

It has been 15 years since I began my mission as an educator with EtonHouse. I still remember my very first day when I started this career and when everything was new to me. This corporation broadened my view of education, compelled me to think about the true value of education and my responsibility to it. Soon thereafter, It became very clear to me that this is where I want to be - making a difference in each child’s life. Being a part of the education process changed me and sparked a flame in me that could not be extinguished. Over time, EtonHouse became family to me. This year is the 25th anniversary of EtonHouse, and as a member of this awe-inspiring family, I sincerely wish for more ground-breaking successes and continued open-mindedness in pioneering the way we view education.